Intuitive  Masters Training Program
"Intuitive Training is the pinnacle of all spiritual training courses. "
-David Gandelman
LEVEL I: Awakening Your Abilities
Master your intuitive abilities & awaken your spiritual potential
"The growth and understanding that result are completely worth it."

The Intuitive Masters Training Program has helped me understand the importance of energy in the world and how deeply it affects our relationships with other people and environments. Cody and David are experienced teachers who share their knowledge in a kind, humorous and encouraging way. They teach a variety of tools for learning how to see and feel different energies and how to manage your individual reaction to them. Students have to be prepared to commit to a consistent meditation practice and be willing to accept change, but the growth and understanding that result are completely worth it. The program has helped me have more energy for myself, my family and friends, and has helped me prioritize what is meaningful in my life. It was also fun to meet people from all over the world who are going through the same experience. I would recommend this program to anyone looking for a more intuitive approach to life, a deeper understanding of energy and a desire for a fulfilling meditation practice.

Shannon Wilcox

What You'll Learn...
• Learn to SEE energy

• A deep understanding of the Energy Body & Chakra System

• How to turn on your spiritual abilities and manage them in a healthy way

• How to communicate with your highest self to manifest your true purpose

• Become Grounded and Connected with your energy

•  Find your Center and know your True Self

• How to move past energetic blocks

• How to get unstuck

• Become aware on the astral/dream plane

• Learn to manage, celebrate, and validate your sensitivity to energy

• How to protect your energy and space

• How to be aware of the vibration/energy of your communication

• How to listen to your body

• To read the energy around questions or problems you are dealing with

• How to look at the energy of any problem/decision to find your truth

"This class went beyond my expectations."

I am so happy to have taken the intuitive masters training class with David and Cody. The class is amazing!!! I learned so much and was able to start practicing right after the class. You will learn to see and feel your energy, as well as the energy of others. You can put into practice all the tools that this class teaches. This class went beyond my expectations. I love that the class is infused with humor. I’ve always said that David is an Angel on earth here to guide us. Thank you David and Cody for all your dedication and for sharing your gifts with us.  

Los Angeles, CA

Your Teachers...
Cody Edner
Cody Edner has been teaching meditation and intuitive awareness for over 30 years. He is the founder of,, co-host of the Energy Matters Podcast, and former director of the Aesclepion Wellness Center. 

He currently travels and teaches advanced intuitive training programs, workshops, and seminars across the United States.

As an intuitive readings and healer, Cody has done tens of thousands of energy readings, and taught thousands more to meditate, and tap into their intuitive abilities. 

Perhaps his most unique asset and teaching are his 5-year Trance-mediumship Channeling Programs. 
David Gandelman
David Gandelman is the founder of Grounded Mind, host of the Energy Matters Podcast, former director of the Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii, and teaches meditation at Cornell University. His work is also featured as one of Insight Timer's top teachers, Simple HabitDaily Om, Parsley Health,The Happy Hormone Guide, and more. 

When David was 16 he began meditating deeply and studying a variety of meditative traditions. You don’t have to be in the Himalayas to find peace of mind, but it doesn’t hurt to learn from someone who has. 

With over 10 years of teaching experience, David has cultivated a program where he connects energy awareness, ancient wisdom traditions, and humor, to create a safe atmosphere for learning meditation.

In David's private practice he works one-on-one with clients and students doing readings, healings, and teaching spiritual transformation in a grounded & practical way. 
"My life has completely changed for the better."

Since starting a consistent meditation practice with the help of DAVID and Cody, my life has completely changed for the better. I am  able to shift my energy and my emotions and handle hard situations in a different matter. I am able to see the present and not live in the past or the future. With this training on top of my meditation practice, I am able to sharpen my skills of working with energy and becoming neutral with my own energy to be able to feel others energy. I am able to get to a happier place faster and I am able to let things go easily. 

Vancouver, CA

What You'll Get:
  • 18 virtual classes with Cody and/or David. 
  • Twice a month SPECIAL TOPIC class.
  • Recording of every class that you can download and keep forever.
  • Learn the necessary tools to become an energy worker/healer, or enhance your abilities if you already have a practice
  • Be part of a cutting edge group of incredible people who have a sense of humor and passion for spiritual growth in a grounded way
  • Opportunity to work with Cody & David individually
  • Recieve a level 1 Intuitive Training Certificate 
  • A 30- minute exit counseling with Cody or David 
"I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to improve the way they manage their energy."

If you feel that you are at a loss of how to handle difficult situations or may feel lost in a time of your life, this is a training for you. You don’t need to have any experience in energy work or meditation to benefit from this training and you don’t need to have to be an existing healer either. All you need is the desire to work on yourself. Overall, this was a great experience for me! 

Sarah Stratmann 
Pittsburgh PA

Intuitive Masters Training Program
Course Structure:
18 Total Classes 
12  Intuitive Training classes - 90 minute each
6  Special Topic classes  - 60 minutes each

Total of 18 classes

*Download and keep the classes forever!

I experienced accelerated personal growth.

Having done the Grounded Mind and Awakening to Energy program, I knew the Intuitive Masters training would be amazing, but I had no idea it would be life-changing. In just a few short months, I experienced accelerated personal growth. I’m more centered and grounded in my daily life; I’ve worked through and released long-standing patterns and pain points that kept me stuck; I’m no longer triggered by certain personality types (and have even easily let things go with a difficult co-worker); I am in a place of more joy and ease rather than “effort” most of the time - I even laugh more often; I’m more clear about the next steps in my life, and since I’m manifesting more and more, the next steps feel very within my reach! It’s hard to believe how much shifted because of the Intuitive Masters training, I can’t recommend this program enough!

 Ithaca, NY
For completing LEVEL 1 Intuitive Training you'll receive a certificate that will allow you to move ahead into LEVEL 2.
Join Now And Get These Bonuses
  • Receive 8 Audio Meditation from the Intuitive Vision Store (Valued at $100)
  • A Year Membership to Grounded Mind (Valued at $97)
  • Special Rate to Work with Cody or David Individually during the Training Program
Here's How the Course Works...
- There are 12 clairvoyant training classes and 4 special topic classes.

- There will be Meditation homework every week.

- You will be responsible for your own Growth and Practice. 

- Each student will have the chance to work with Cody or David for 3 months at a discounted rate for being part of the training.
- The Training is all hands on and not intellectual or theoretical.

- You will receive a Level 1 Certificate at the end of the course.

- Every student will receive a 30 Minute Exit 1-on-1 session with Cody or David.

- Students will receive a discounted rate to have energy check 1-to-1 sessions with an Energy Matters teacher.
Awaken your abilities
Intuitive Masters Training Program Level 1 
Price: $1249 $997 for Level 1 Certification
"Thank you!"

I've found Cody to be such a calm presence and amazing healer. I'm going through some pretty big life stuff and in our reading he did such a great job of both communicating helpful information and clearing the path for me to take next steps. It seems effortless for him (which is actually the real skill set if you ask me) and it made the healing effortless for me to have. I'm so happy to have found Cody as a teacher and healer as I take my next steps.


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